Gary contributed music to the feature film An American Summer, available at and elsewhere.

He wrote the theme song for the media platform Project #Cancerland.


Gary cowrite the book, music and lyrics for Wine Lovers (the wine tasting musical) which has enjoyed successful runs across the country.

The musical comedy Librarians in Love (written by Suzanne Bradbeer, John Cariani and Gary Negbaur) appeared at the NY Fringe Festival and is in development now.

Gary has composed a couple other musicals that are awaiting production. Watch this space for updates.

Other Composing

Children’s Music

Gary has composed kids music in a number of different contexts. An animation project with Joey Ahlbum can be found here.

Max’s Family Band consists of Gary and Yvette Negbaur and a number of their musical friends, and the “maxcot” is their son Max. The band has performed Gary’s compositions live and has recorded them as well. For information about this project, go to


Gary’s songs continue to be performed and recorded by other singers. Watch this space for information on available recordings.